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About us

Industry experts – all the necessary entrepreneurs in one place!

The company “Accounting and Audit Latvia” has been operating in the accounting services market for more than 15 years. During this time, the company’s experts were able to successfully solve various tasks. From the completion of the declarations and the drawing up of reports to individual entrepreneurs until a full set of accounting services is provided to legal entities.

In mid-2013, the company began implementing the latest management and management standards and started moving towards improving customer service quality. As a result of the expenditure reduction and accounting work optimization program, the prices of services for our clients decreased more than twice. Our mission is 100% guarantee of our customers!

Managing accounting is a daunting task. However, our company serves commercial, construction, consulting and manufacturing companies. We have a wealth of experience in these industries and we have successfully cooperated with various organizations in the long term. Our team perfectly understands the specifics of accounting in the company and builds its work, using its considerable experience and support of other skilled staff. The technology of today’s programmers and accountants allows us to increase the efficiency of bookkeeping management many times.

At present, the company is ready to offer competitive conditions for business accounting in the cities of Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia and the United Kingdom, and includes the following services:

  • full accounting and tax accounting;
  • salary and tax calculation;
  • reporting and reporting to the tax inspection and other controlling institutions;
  • inventory and primary document renewal;
  • assistance in tax disputes;

Our company also has a lot of experience in dealing with a wide range of non-standard situations that entrepreneurs in our country are facing every day.

We are ready to be present at the tax inspections and other supervisory bodies during your company inspections. Help revert overpaid taxes and payments, refund your VAT paid to the budget, or restore a locked billing account so that your business or MCI does not get paralyzed at the most disadvantageous time.

Our specialists will also help you prepare financial reports and documents that will demonstrate your business to understandable potential customers. This will allow you to significantly increase opportunities by getting loans or other financing for business development.

We are always ready to solve your problem and offer the best solution. This will allow you, as the owner or manager, to forget the troubles that come in contact with accounting, taxes, reports and focus entirely on the core business objectives of your business.

More than 400 customers appreciated the opportunity to work with us in Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Estonia, and we are convinced that high standards of accounting will become the basis for successful cooperation and increase of your business profits.

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